23 Feb 2017

YouTube launches child-friendly series on its Kids version

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youtube kids app smartphones



The child-friendly version of YouTube has more than 30 billion views and it has announced the launch of 4 own on 2017.

Just like Netflix did with its model for children’s multimedia content, now is the time for YouTube to announce new contents for the little ones. A total of four news series will be launched this year:


- Hyperlinked

- DanTDM Creates A Big Scene

- The Kings of Atlantis

- Fruit Ninja: Frenzy Force


The stories of these new series take place in all kinds of universes. There is a wide variety of main characters: from the charismatic characters of Fruit Ninja (which is based on the famous video game for Android) to the international youtubers such as DanTDM or TheAtlanticCraft.

You will be able to enjoy all the YouTube Kids’ novelties on your or tablet in the coming months. The YouTube app allows you to see all contents wherever you want and you will be able to download videos thanks to the YouTube Go beta version.  Now you just have to decide, which series will you watch first?

22 Feb 2017

See you at the Mobile World Congress!

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Teaser MWC Energy Sistem

This year we will be present again at the Mobile World Congress! We will be on the front line from the 27th to the 2nd March to present our latest developments concerning audio devices. We will let you know every single detail about them on our blog and social networks.

So stay tuned because this MWC promises to be very interesting! ;)

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21 Feb 2017

Taking photos with your smartphone. What is the rule of thirds?

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ley de los tercios fotografía smartphone

The rule of thirds is one of the basic photography concepts you must master with your . It is a way to arrange the elements of a picture to improve visual perception. This provides you with visually pleasing and balanced photos.

This rule divides the image into nine equal parts, using imaginary lines that form four main intersection points to help you frame your photo properly. These points hold the most important elements of the photo, in order to perfectly balance the image.

regla tercios fotografía smartphone energy sistem

The first thing you have to bear in mind is the perfect moment to take the picture. You might prefer spending a few minutes thinking about how you want to display the figures and the background from your point of view. Once you make up your mind, it is time to frame elements using the rule of thirds. You can use the option SHOW GRID on the camera settings menu. Now you have a great visual reference to find the best moment and create a perfect frame!

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20 Feb 2017

8 things you can do on Twitter and you didn’t know

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Chica utilizando móvil Energy Sistem

According to some studies, Spain is one of the most Twitter addicted countries in the world, along with the United States, Japan or Brasil. This is why we, at Energy, have decided to show you some tips to make the most of this social network beyond tweets and retweets.

Search for any sentence

If you remember seeing a message on but don’t recall where, or you simply want to filter your results, try to put it in quotation marks. Example: “Rafa Nadal is winning 1-0” Read more

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17 Feb 2017

Watch all your favourite series and films on your new Energy Tablet Pro 3. Club Energy Draw

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energy sistem tablet draw

Design, power and versatility are the three elements that define our new Energy . Make the most of our latest product using all .0 functions that will appear on its 10.1” IPS HD screen.  Enjoy the experience like never before!

Besides, its great memory capacity will let you watch your favourite and films without worries. Store everything you want thanks to its 16GB memory expandable by a further 128 GB via microSD-HC/XC cards. Who said that you wouldn’t have enough memory?

If you want to win this Energy Tablet Pro 3, you just have to participate in our new Club Draw. You only have to follow this link and confirm your participation with a single click. Good luck!

If you are not a member, sign up now and take advantage of the club benefits. Hurry up and join our community!


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