24 May 2017

Retouching and editing effects on the camera of the new Energy Phone Pro 3

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Energy Phone Pro 3

It is finally here. The new Energy is our latest product and we want to show you how to create incredible images with just a . You don’t believe it?

This new device features a 5.5″ screen and 13 MP + 5 MP AF that will turn your images into pieces of art. The new will allow you to edit and retouch all this:


  •  Add soft focus effects to the areas that you want
  • Create 3D effects
  • Add a background
  • Copy & paste objects




And on top of that, the Energy Phone Pro 3 features a smart fingerprint sensor, highly resistant DragonTrail glass and the latest 7 version. Would you like to find out more? Take a look at our website or pay a visit to our points of sale to discover all that this new smartphone has to offer ;)


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18 May 2017

Perks of the Airplane Mode when you’re not flying

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Trucos de Android

“Please put your mobile phones in Airplane Mode”. How many times have you heard this before taking off? Besides of its perks when flying, using the Airplane Mode in your daily life brings great advantages.

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16 May 2017

Special offer: Internet Day

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There are many different protagonists today: kittens on the videos, memes, crazy challenges, daily trending topics, crazy conspiracy theories, video tutorials about anything you can imagine, Tasty recipes to drool over, unusual responses on Yahoo Answers… We can find everything in the Internet.

To celebrate this Day, we launch a special offer valid on all your purchases in exclusive through our online shop:

5 € discount + free Special Edition cloth bag.

Remember: valid promotion for members of the on purchases of 30 € or more. Don’t forget to redeem the 500 Energies in order to apply the discount.

If you are not a member of the Club Energy yet, you can click here to register and take advantage of this offer.

Happy Internet Day!

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12 May 2017

Club Energy Draw: The best sound of the new Energy Tablet Max 3

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Energy Tablet Max 3

We have a present for members this month! In order to celebrate the launch of the new Energy , we want you to be the first to use it. What do you have to do in order to get it? It’s easy; just take part in our new Club Energy draw!

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10 May 2017

Is it bad to spend many hours sitting throughout the day?

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“Sitting more than six hours a day increases mortality risk”, according to a study published by the American Cancer Society that gathered data from more than 123,000 people. We cannot help it sometimes, since we cannot stretch our legs  as much as we would like  throughout our 8 hour working day.

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